WHO AM I? So who is behind the images... Well thats me🤓!  I'd like to introduce myself to you all... Michael, MikC, Mikey or a few close to me call me Focker.  I am a Portrait Photographer.  If you are a person who has had a thought/action, that you knew would be positive in your life, but didn't act on it, I challenge you to take yourself, and your mind🤔... and RISK IT FOR THE BISCUIT. That is me and what I believe! Hard to believe many opportunities are passed or missed because of fear 👻, you just have to JUMP! (check out Steve Harvey's video on youtube for truly what I mean, no really, after you read bio check it out.) 
WHAT DO I DO?🤷‍♂️ I love connecting with the people I photograph.  I believe in giving time personally to clients to provide the best experience for them.  Being in front of the lens is not always easy, but its self criticism that hurts more than anything.  Secondly its disbelief you are beautiful.  Accept that you are unique and you are beautiful! You have a story to tell and I look forward to connecting with you! 

LASTING IMPRESSION:  I confess I am a sucker for photography... I am passionate about it and every portrait I have taken tends to take a few seconds longer than most.  Mainly because if it’s wrong, then it’s not right, and if it’s good, it’s not the best it could be.  All of us have a fire inside of us and also a smile worth expressing.  Realize you can love yourself and it’s ok.  Show up and be who you are and if you fail, keep trying, and never give up hope.  Have faith in what you do and the rest will fall in place. You are worth it. 🤙
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